“Today, those who pick up pencil and colors are increasingly women artists, ready to assert themselves in a land that was for a long time reserved for men. They hold a view on femininity less obvious and, in a subtle game of mirrors between model representation and sensitivity as an artist, devoutly hidden.” – Translated from Italian





Featured GDG Add on lesson for “NEW ART ACADEMY” game

“Melody Severns, the creativor of the collective of art group, “Girls Drawing Girls” has created for his exhibition at the Gallery Arludik, a personal lesson especially for the holders of Nintendo 3DS and New Art Academy. This autumn, and for a limited period, you can download via SpotPass a lesson that will teach you to draw a sexy woman with your stylus.” – Translated from French from


NPR Radio Interview

Female Animators Draw Pin-Up Girls

“By day, women from the group Girls Drawin’ Girls are animators for shows such as Futurama and South Park. But in their spare time they draw pin-up girls. They’re bringing a different perspective to this sexy genre. Melody Severns, founder of Girls Drawin’ Girls, talks with Alex Cohen. ” -NPR


Forbidden Panel- Girls of Summer Review Aug 2009

“Girls Drawing Girls is a group of ladies involved in the art/entertainment business world, focusing on art/animation; some are professionals some are freelance, but all are exceptionally talented.  The GOS exhibit was a showcase of satirical, erotic, daring, whimsical and supremely executed pieces from an all female group that really showed that women can draw as well or better than the boys, and really have fun with it too.” Forbidden Panel


“You know their work. Of course you do. You have seen it all in your favorite movies and animated TV series like The Simpson, The Iron Giant, South Park and Futurama. Girls Drawin’ Girls is a crew of female artists that are dominating the world of TV animation and film.  And I’ll let you in on a little secret. They’re doing it with sheer T&A! Probably not what you are thinking…” – Amped Magazine


“This is the female take on the female form. Further, it’s a chance to finally put the spotlight on female artists in an industry that is historically male dominated. A book showcasing the art is currently in the works. Meet the artists! Don’t forget your party shoes!” -AWN


Mar 2016     Interview with GDG founder Melody Severns by Matt Kennedy of Pod Sequentialism (Audio)

Feb 2016     Featured on Penthouse TV with Tonya Kay’s Pinup Pole Show (Video)

Oct 2014     Interview with GDG president Melody Severns by NPR Take Two, California (Audio)

Nov 2014     “Empowerment of the pin-up” talk at Bridgewater State University (Video)

Aug 2014     Interview with GDG president Melody Severns by Kari Lane from Geekscape

Aug 2013     Interview with GDG founder Melody Severns at Comic Con with Leah Cevoli from IdeateTV (Video)

Jul 2014     Interview with GDG president Melody Severns by Jenna Busch from Legion of Leia (Audio)

Jul 2007     Interview with GDG president Melody Severns by NPR (Audio)