FAQ & Membership Info

We get a ton of inquiries about Membership and how to join our group. This page serves to answer the most common questions that we see in our inbox. If you have further questions about Membership or about the Group itself that are not answered here, please email GirlsDrawinGirls@gmail.com

What Exactly Have Members of GDG Been Involved In?

Our Members have been involved with many amazing projects that include officially licensed products, films, and shows for major studios. Illustrations, storyboards, and concept art for published comics and toys!

There are some Members who are active working Professionals (and Mothers too!) in the entertainment industries of film, television, video games, and comic books. We also have Members who are hobbyists, independent artists, and students pursuing their creative passions and career goals.

What kinds of projects & events does girls drawin' girls put together?

The Team has organized collaborative projects that include our very popular Tarot Decks, monthly themes on social media, and books that highlight the contributions and talents of hard working and creative women.

Members have also often represented the Group at conferences and Galleries, and have also had opportunities to speak at Panels too! 

What Are the benefits of having an active Membership? 

Having active membership with GDG allows the potential to have your art sold and displayed at Gallery events, Conferences, and on our online Etsy store. The GDG Team takes care of the costs associated with printing your art and shipping from our store. This includes the time and travel expenses related to setting up and taking down booth space, and representing Members at Panels and public events. And organizing fun events for the fans, the public, Con attendees, and Members to enjoy. 

The Group frequently collaborates with other independent groups in Southern California, such as the Gallery Girls and Tanya Kay’s Pinup Pole Show. We organize gallery and signing events at places like The Chuck Jones Art Gallery, San Diego Comic Con, and much more! Having your work represented by us could lead to more opportunities to earn income. 

GDG Team and Members also often share information about potential job or project opportunities with studios and networks worldwide. There are also frequent opportunities to potentially be represented on a national level at Cons, shows and special events that we put together or collaborate with.


How Much Is New Membership To Join GDG For 2018/2019?

The Membership dues for new members joining GDG during the 2018/19 submission period is $115 USD in total– $110 with the non-refundable submission fee. If this is cost prohibitive, again, please don’t self-reject!

If you are accepted but unable to pay in full, we can work with you to set up an installment plan to get your dues taken care of in a period of time you can manage. (And of course, needing to do so will not affect your chances of joining us!) Plenty of our current members utilize this option and we want to see our Members grow and succeed as they pursue their artistic goals and careers within the Group.

What About 2019 Fees for Returning GDG Members?

Fees are significantly discounted for returning members who demonstrate their passion for making art and by re-interpreting the art of the pinup and making their own personal vision of sex appeal. Returning Members that have demonstrated their passion and commitment to making art and have actively participated in the Group’s events and projects pay as low as $35 for yearly Membership.

If you are a Returning Member and are selected as an Artist in Residence or to be a Featured Artist for 2019, the fees are below!

Artist in Residence Dues: $45
Featured Artist Dues: $50

Returning Artists Dues: $60

Why Do I Have to Pay a Non-Refundable Submission Fee? I Should Be Able to Apply for Free!

Plenty of organizations and shows have submission fees, and annual dues, ones that don’t have less reach. For example, yearly Resident Dues for the Society of Illustrators is $500. Other examples include the waitlist for having a booth or table at San Diego Comic Con is currently 6-8 years! Signing up to be on that waitlist also does not include the $3200 fee to have Exhibitor space there. The application to apply for booth space with SDCC also specifies that paying up front does not even guarantee having a booth there! 

By joining GDG, you are getting access to a group where you can submit art for, and attend events and collaborate with people who are actively working in the Entertainment Industry from all over the World! 

Non-refundable submission fees are paying for the time of the person to look at your application and art work for consideration for Membership. Please keep in mind that a person volunteers their time to review new member applications and artwork submissions for consideration. This process of reviewing individual artwork cannot be automated.

Submission fees, Membership dues, and fair percentage of the sales of member art help the GDG Team to keep the dream of running the group and supporting female artists and small businesses around the world alive! The Group is run independently by the Founder and a Team of Volunteers that want to see the lives and careers of women flourish.

If the Group did not charge any fees at all, we would not be able to cover the costs of taking care of the Accounting process to pay the Artists for their original art pieces that sell at Galleries and Events. Producing art prints, publishing books, Exhibitor booth space, and having nice items that can be sold online and at shows and events. 

Which therefore means that there would be fewer opportunities for women artists all over the world to gain new fans and followers. And fewer opportunities to have their art and hard work appreciated by the people who love to see and support women artists!

Member Testimonials

Below are some real Testimonials from our Members who have benefited from being active Members of Girls Drawin’ Girls.

“…I find SO MUCH value in this group and all that Melody Severns and the Team does for the Members – the annual fee is chump change compared to what I’d spend to do all that she’s done for me.”

“I’ve been trying to afford Comic Cons since I started selling my art, and it wasn’t until joining GDG that this became real for me!!!!! Not myself personally, BUT MY ART WAS THERE, and alongside and represented by a group of female illustrators I’m still blown to be a part of!”

– GDG Member, Mindie Gum-Grivell