An important aspect of Girls Drawin Girls is our group art shows.  Part of our mission at Girls Drawin Girls is to bring exposure and experience to our members and art via the gallery world.

GDG hosts and organizes several pin-up art themed group shows throughout the year.  Since 2006, we have had many gallery shows in and around the Los Angeles area featuring a diverse selection of pin-up art from our members.  We have also shown at Galerie Arludik in Paris, France in May of 2013.

For each show, we actively promote and publicize the opening events via flyers, postcards, our website, Facebook, Twitter, area artists and event blogs, and our email list.  However, our membership and fan base reach across the country and even the world; our blog alone got over 13,000 visits in the month of January 2014!

Our audience demographic is very open; mainly those who appreciate and understand the art of pin-up.  We have a strong following within the entertainment community and with fans of the counter-culture or “low-brow/pop” art scene.  However, we have people from all walks of life at our shows and fans from every demographic.  Men and women alike appreciate what our group is about and our vision towards promoting women artists.

We provide a full art show gallery experience at our openings, usually offering artist signings, light appetizers and drinks, and extra entertainment, such as DJs, raffles and live figure models. This helps create the art show reception into a fun, social event that helps sell our group and our art!


Upcoming Events


MUSE-BOX Premier Reception/Party

You have been invited to the premier reception/party on SATURDAY FEBRUARY 23rd at a private loft location. MUSE-BOX will feature an incredible lineup of works from accomplished Los Angeles based artists. And the eclectic sounds of the evening will be provided by Extra Mild Sauce resident DJ and co-founder, Derrick Wize. 5PM – Midnight $10 admission (can be applied towards art purchases) Complimentary cocktails provided. Must RSVP to For those that would like to be kept informed about general MUSE-BOX news including future receptions and available artwork, you can submit your email address for the newsletter HERE… Artists…

Past Events Archive

An archive of past Events that GDG’s has participated.   PAST EVENTS June 2018     Pinup Art Show at Pinup Pole Show in Hollywood March  2018     Eagle-Con Oct 2017       Sony World Animation Celebration July 2017      San Diego Comic-Con June 2017     Pinup Art Show at Pinup Pole Show in Hollywood May 2017     Book signing at Galerie Arludik in Paris, France Mar 2017     Pinup Art Show at Pinup Pole Show in Hollywood Oct 2016     New York Comic-Con Aug 2016     Pinup Art Show at Pinup Pole Show in Hollywood July 2016…