Artist Spotlight: Mako Fufu

GDG: Where are you from and where do you live now? 

MF: I was born and raised in Buenos Aires, Argentina. I moved to the US in late 2012.
I lived in NY for a while, then in NC… and I may be relocating to a different state shortly (keep tuned!).

GDG: Could you give us a brief overview of your art background?

MF: I’m a self-taught artist, I always loved making art and I’ve been doing it since I was able to hold a crayon.
I’m very curious and eager to try and learn new things, so my portfolio is quite eclectic. I’ve been an Art Director for Video Games, Comic Artist, Painter, Muralist and Illustrator, among many *many* other works.

GDG: What are some of the jobs you have done professionally?

MF: Every new job taught me new things. I specially loved doing Concept Art and Character design for Video Games, It was a lot of fun, as I’ve got to explore different styles and ideas and do a lot of research and experimenting with my style and skills, it was fun and educational! That job eventually evolved to Art Director and although I didn’t get to draw so much anymore, it helped me improve my attention to detail and organizational skills… but… to be honest, I’ve been always been pretty OCD myself.

GDG: Has working around so many other GDG artists influenced your art style?

MF: I already had quite a rounded style when I’ve joined the group, but it’s nice to meet friends with the same interests and do projects with a common passion.

GDG: Where do you get your inspiration?

MF: I do watch a lot of TV, movies, listen to music, do an unhealthy amount of online research and travel as much as I can, so that gives me a lot of ideas and resources. But rather than sit down and be directly inspired by something specific (unless it’s commissioned work) I’ve found out that I do my best work when I look for the inspiration within myself, my emotions, my feelings and the things I want to say loudly but I can’t.


GDG: What has been the biggest moment of artistic inspiration and merit for you?

MF: I’m always inspired when I make some big changes (which usually include relocating somehow, but that’s another story) Regarding Artistic merit, my biggest moments were first when the US Government awarded with an “Alien of Extraordinary Ability” Visa in 2012 and later on “Alien of Extraordinary Ability” Green Card in 2016. Both came to me after a lifetime of working on my art, and saying the paperwork itself was really really REALLY though doesn’t even begin to describe how difficult and stressful (and expensive) that process was. But since the bar is set that high, (especially for the green card…. gosh) having my skill being recognized as “Extraordinary Ability” makes me extra proud and grateful.

GDG: If you are ever in a  ‘creative rut’, what helps?

MF: Doodling freely, going back to basics to what you enjoy doing in the moment… meaning doing whatever you enjoy, without judging its quality or value.

GDG: Do you have a preference between working with digital or traditional methods?

MF: I enjoy both on their own way. Traditional media makes me feel more connected to the work. It’s more challenging because there’s no Ctrl+Z, and it’s more difficult to photograph and reproduce as a print. I think part of my digital “disconnection” is based on the fact that I work with a regular non-screen type of tablet, I have to fix that. Digital gives me a cleaner result and it’s easier to share.

GDG: Are there any artistic disciplines that you have a passion for?

MF: I love painting, I use oils, acrylics and watercolors depending of my mood. I do play with sculpture every so often, I want to take some classes and get better so I can do art toys. I’m figuring out some photography to make my products look pretty on my shop, and I have to say I’m starting to have fun with it. I’m teaching myself 3D, I’ve done some tattooing, silk-screening, animation, video edition… I am very curious and I love learning new things, so I know at least the basics for a whole lot of things at this point!

GDG: Has working around so many women artists within GirlsDrawinGirls helped you find ways to express yourself?

MF: It has helped me to make some very good, very talented friends (and I’m an introvert so it’s kind of a big deal to me).

GDG: Based on your professional experiences, do you have any advice for aspiring young women artists?

MF: My advice is for artists in general… well, I’d say for people in general, in whichever endeavor they are passionate about in life: Practice, practice, practice! When in doubt, google. Always listen to your gut. But also, use common sense.

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