Independent Shorts Awards Features GDG Member: Leslie Abney!

GDG Member Leslie Abney featured on the Independent Shorts Awards

Leslie Abney teamed up with Tonya Kay on an amazing filming project to complete the storyboards for the short entitled, “The Ascension of Ava Delaine.” This 5 minute short film was shot entirely on drone, in one single take. Wow!

Leslie storyboarded not only an Official Selection at the Independent Shorts Awards, but also an Honorable Mention win at Hollywood New Director’s Film Fest, a Semi-Finalist at Los Angeles Cinefest and an Official Selection at Female Filmmakers Film Fest!

The Ascension of Ava Deliane,” is a short film project that reveals the bold efforts of a woman transitioning into a more secure, confident, sexual, and progressively more valuable woman as she ages. The filming project is the Directorial debut of Tonya Kay, and was lead by a diverse team and crew that strove to break boundaries and helped to increase the representation of women and minorities. This female-led and female-centered project had a crew where 80% were female and 30% were People of Color.

Other Team members included Andria Chamberlin who served as the Cinematographer/Drone operator, Writer and Co-Producer Shaula Evans, and Sound Designer Jaimie Billings; who all contributed their skills and experience on this fantastic and impressive film project!

Congratulations Leslie, Tonya, Andria, Shaula, and Jaimie! We here at GDG can’t wait to see you soar high again!

“Don’t dream it, be it!”

-Melody Severns