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If you would like to be a member of GirlsDrawinGirls for the 2013 membership year, please send samples of your work, with an emphasis on figure drawing and pin up art to: girlsdrawingirls@gmail.com.  In addition to your submission, there will be a $5 non-refundable submission processing fee, made payable via paypal to girlsdrawingirls@gmail.com.  If selected, the $5 submission processing fee will be deducted from the $50 annual membership fee.  Indicate your name in the paypal memo area.  If you have any questions, feel free to contact GirlsDrawinGirls at our gmail account.  You will be notified, after your body of work has been reviewed whether you have been selected by, or before 2/10/13.

Artist Spotlight: Liz Heck

lizclimo.tumblr.com | Etsy

What is your own personal take on what makes a woman sexy and how do you translate that into your pin up art? Confidence is the key to being sexy. When you exude true confidence, you say to the world- I like me, so you should too! I can always tell if a drawing is going to be successful when I truly like it while I’m working on it. Of course, not everyone will like it, but the fact that I enjoyed myself while I was drawing it and I am proud of the result is what makes it a successful piece.

You have a popular tumblr site featuring your adorable and quite funny comics, how did you get started in the realm of comics?  I started my Tumblr site last year as my New Year’s resolution. I have always enjoyed drawing comics, but felt frustrated whenever I tried to draw them. I didn’t know what I wanted to say, or how to be funny, or what to draw. My husband convinced me start a blog, and reminded me that sometimes you need to do the work in order to find the results. Eventually, I started to find my own voice and figure out what I wanted to say.

What have been your personal obstacles to overcome as a professional woman artist? As a professional woman artist, it’s very important to me that I be taken seriously. I think in a male-dominated field, women sometimes get special treatment. This is not to say that all or even most men in animation treat women differently, but it does happen, and it has always been important that I stay employed and am respected by my coworkers for my hard work alone.  Where do you get your inspiration? When I started doing these comics, my inspiration came mostly from animals and their unique traits. Then, as I did more, I started to pay more attention to people and how they interact. Now, I get inspired by funny things that happen in conversation, things I see while I’m driving to work, or walking my dogs, or on TV- just stuff that happens all around me.

What advice would you have for girls aspiring to take on an artistic career? My advice for women aspiring to take on an artistic career is do the work and don’t give up! I have failed a million times in my career, or when I was working towards my career, and I still fail all of the time. It’s important to keep working and believe in your abilities. Great things come from that!

How to add yourself to the new website

Hey all,
This is still a work in progress, but would help SO SO so much if you could enter yourself into the portfolio database and help me finish up the site so we can set it live! 🙂 So here’s a tutorial I put together below on how to add yourself to the site…

So first of all, login with the info that you received in the email and you’ll be taken to this page.

(click on it to enlarge). From here, go to the menu on the left-hand side and click on “portfolio” and then click on “add new”. You’ll then be taken to a page that looks like this:

(but without the ‘Lorem Ipsum’ information). From here, enter your full artist name into the first form field ( which appears under ‘add new portfolio link’….

Next, click on this link: https://girlsdrawingirls.com/items/aida-sofia-barba/ and highlight all the information in the body (from the first URLs to the last sentence that answers ‘what do you think is sexy?’ … Copy the text there and then paste it into the 2nd giant text box on the page. ( … WordPress is magical in that you can go back to the portfolio page you’re working on and it’ll paste the exact same layout that you copied from the webpage. If it isn’t keeping the format, make sure that the “visual” tab is selected when you paste, and not the “html” tab. Replace all the information with your own text — and the URLs as well! To edit the URL link highlight the URL and click the ‘link’ tab

Lastly, you just need to enter a short description into the “subtitle” and “Preview Caption” area that are both the same about yourself (very short, this will appear when looking through the artists underneath your name… so maybe about your specialty? Animator? Painter? ect).

Then, upload an image that is no smaller than 656 pixels wide (can be however tall you’d like). Upload your image to both the ‘Preview Image’ area and then upload the same image to the ‘featured image’ box area by clicking on the ‘set featured image’ link (the featured image box is located on the right-side of the page, underneath the ‘Tags’ box)

Alright! Once you’ve done all that, you should be able to scroll back up to the top of the page, look in the top-right column for the box that says “publish” and then click the “publish” button…  you should then see your finished Profile page appear here: https://girlsdrawingirls.com/artists/ and you’ve been added! If I’ve already added you and you cant alter your info, send over a message to let me know what you’d like to replace it with…