Artist Spotlight: Loren Petty

Where are you from / currently live?

LP: “Henderson, NV

Could you give us a brief overview of your art background? Do you know when you first became interested in art?

LP: “I first got into art when I was a kid because my uncle was an artist. I loved my uncle’s work and I wanted to be able to draw like him. I continued art throughout my schooling and went to a specialty arts high school to keep studying. I got my Bachelor of Arts in Media Arts and Animation and have done freelance sporadically over the years, but I mostly just do art that makes me happy now.”

Describe some of the jobs you have done professionally how they have helped develop your artistic skills.

LP: “In the past I’ve worked on a children’s book and an illustration for a mascot of a pet supply company. Recently I just finished up illustrating a comic that is in the lettering process right now and will hopefully come out soon. I think what I learned from these projects is that keeping yourself on a schedule and giving yourself deadlines helps to keep me on track. I also learned that being persistent is worth it because at the end, when you look back at the project, you get to see how all of your hard work has come together. That’s a really good feeling for me.

Has anyone compared your style to anyone else’s?  If so, how does that make you feel?

LP: “Not that I can recall. I’ve always had people say that I drew characters that either looked like me or characters I didn’t know. It use to bother me a lot, but not so much now. Nothing is 100% original and as long as I still enjoy it regardless, I think I could be happy.”

What have been your biggest obstacle to overcome as an artist?

LP: “Energy levels and thinking too much about where I’ve ended up. Being tired a lot of the times makes me not want to draw, but mostly thinking about how much time and money I spent trying to get into the industry and not making it really dampers my mood.”

“However, I do have things that help get me inspired again and help me to not feel so bad about where I’m at now. I just do my best to move forward and enjoy what I do.”

If you ever feel an artistic block, what do you do?

LP: “I typically scroll on instagram, tumbler and mostly, but sometimes pinterest too. Just seeing art gets me so inspired to create. Music is another huge factor too. I’ll listen to a song that creates vivid imagery for me and that’ll help to get the ideas flowing again.”

Have you ever experienced self doubt or lack of confidence as an artist?  If so, how do you overcome it?

LP: “I have and I still do. I feel that I’m not good enough and that sometimes I shouldn’t try, but then I remind myself that I’m just doing my art for me. That if I like it and no one else does, that’s ok. I just want to be happy making art and enjoying the process.”

Have you always wanted to be an artist?

LP: “Always. Even when I thought about being a vet or an astronaut, I still trying to find a way to involve art in everything. It’s a constant in my life.”

Is there a type of art that you’ve always wanted to learn?

LP: “I’ve always loved classical paintings. I’d love to learn how to make gorgeous paintings with a softness and a depth that only those old paintings seem to carry. Also, sculpture. Sculpting is just so fun and I’d love to learn to do it better.”

Who is the most influential woman artist for you?

LP: “JAW Cooper. Her work is beautiful and inspirational to me. It has that dark yet hauntingly beautiful aura that I love.”

Based on your professional experiences, do you have any advice for aspiring young women artists?

LP: “The industry is tough. Just keep pushing if you want to make it in that realm but don’t burn yourself out either. You don’t need sacrifice your health to show someone that you’re worthy.”

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