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What inspired you to be an artist?
Well, I grew up on a farm until the age of 17, and we didn’t have much entertainment, so we made our own! I am also the youngest of eight children and many of my siblings are quite artistically inclined in some form or another, whether visually or musically, etc, so they definitely inspired me early in life. For the most part, my sisters are natural dress-makers and my brothers are natural carpenters (mainly out of necessity). I lean more toward carpentry myself. Nonetheless, we all seem to have the ability to visualize 3-dimensionally, and I have always viewed my family as being sculptors in their own right.
hydrangea lo-res

Who are your role models?
I quite love Walter Disney! We all know what artistic vision he was able to gift to the world, and as a young child I wished I could gift my character creations to the world as well. I still do! How he inspires me present day is by his business sensibility, which I know I could use more of in my own endeavours.
Do you think it is possible for a woman who draws sexy women to be a role model to younger girls?
Absolutely. When art is great, it’s great. Yet, when I learn that the artist who created that great art is a woman, I find that it stirs something inside me. To me is represents a “healthy competition”, “no excuses” kind of mentality about taking my art and my ability to a higher level, and it always makes me want to push myself farther.
What is your favorite medium to work in and why?
I am a traditional artist through and through. Currently I work with Copic markers on bristol paper. I find that Copic markers look and behave like water-colour paint, but I appreciate the convenience and portability of Copic. I have always loved the look of water-colours, their subtle gradations and transparency that allows the texture and “sparkle” of the paper to show through the layers of colour. I feel I have all of that visual aesthetic in the convenience of these markers.
How do you think women drawing pin up art of women differs 
from how men draw it? Do you think there’s a difference?
I don’t think there is a difference between women drawing women versus men drawing women. None at all. All that matters to me is if the art is strong!
monsters and dames 2011 low-res

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