Artist Spotlight: Laura Galbraith

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What inspired you to be an artist?  How old were you when you thought about becoming an artist?
I think this is one of these questions that many of us artists can’t really help but answer with a ‘since I was born!’. I can’t remember the day when I didn’t want to be an artist. It was one of those things that I didn’t realize could be a career path until I was much older, but was always something that I practiced since I was young. I think initially my mom thought it would be a great way to help me settle down and keep quiet and kill time, tracing my hands and feet on pieces of paper… but that slowly turned into a need to impress kindergarten friends with my accurate drawings of Loony Tunes characters, sketch the weirdly-decorative, ornate curios that my great-grandmother collected… which evolved into wanting to draw for a living. (Well, either that or somehow learn to turn into a dog, and change my name to ‘Dalmatian’– this, of course, happening after viewing the animated movie as a kid!)

Laura Galbraith - Yeah Yeah Yeahs

What is your own personal take on what makes a woman sexy and how do you translate that into your pin up art?
I like to gear my drawings toward creating not just your typical curvy, sexy female, but also to create one of strength/empowerment, and …various body shapes and types! I’d like to think that I draw my sexy ladies with a little bit more attention to their personalities and attitudes. Of course, I love glorifying a curvy womans body as well! One of my favorites about pinup, is the woman is never shamed for being naked, and her body becomes a celebration of everything feminine!

Has your source of inspiration changed since you first became an artist?  If so, what consistently still keeps you inspired as a professional?
My sources of inspiration come from fashion, nature, artists from the past, and artists from the present. I think my Pinterest board is a good example of my different interests! I’ve been especially drawn towards trends in patterns lately. Oh I forgot to mention my obsession with color palates as well. I’m constantly obsessing over different color combinations, which usually end up dictating the mood and feel of the drawing before I even start to sketch! I believe inspiration is one of those key things that is always evolving, so in a way, my inspirations are constantly changing as well! But generally they tend to be geared towards the four genres I listed earlier.

What are your guilty pleasures, as an artist that you love drawing?
Oh no, this is a bad one! I have a doodle problem. One of doodling just shapes, letters, numbers, playing around with color, and generally doing weird semi-abstract line drawings. It can get a little exhausting at times (sometimes I can’t think!! It overwhelms me and I’m left doodling patterns and swirly things) but the good thing about it is I’ve heard its a really good exercise to keep your creativity at its it peak. What I also love about doodling unidentifiable objects, is that I feel a bit less pressure to create something beautiful. Doodling becomes about the action of drawing and not so much trying to perfect something. Also, when doodling on the subway, it keeps onlookers from gawking over my shoulder, because they get bored of looking at all the squiggles!

Laura Galbraith Zombie Stickers

If you could give a few words of advice for any young women pursuing art as a career, what would they be?
Stick to it! Never give up on your career even if you feel you’re failing. You may just need a change of direction to your art to keep growing it, keep it successful. My art has been something that I’ve been told before that didn’t have an audience. That it needed to have an audience to  justify its existence. While this is true (the part about needing an audience) If you do your research, you can generally find the certain niche world your art belongs in (of which, there are many)! Of course, its a bit backwards to do it that way, but finding your niche is definitely key to success. Once you know your market, and who your consumers are, you can always fine tune it to better work for you!

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