Artist Spotlight: Genevieve FT

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Could you give us a brief overview of your art background (when you first became interested in art, education, work history, etc…)?
Younger I was a very creative kid, I loved everything that was creative, drawing, but also music and fashion design. After high school I decided to study 2D animation. I didn’t like animation much, but only love drawing more and more. So I started working more on my personal illustrations. After my years of study, I worked freelance for a few years, working on games, comics, illustration, children illustration, etc. Now I’m working as a 2D artist in a game company in Montreal.

What were your influences (both technical and aesthetic) that helped lead you to your particular style of art?
I was inspired a lot by vintage pin up art. The 50’s is an era that fascinate me, and I find the publicity just gorgeous. After, I started discovering artist that had a more cartoonish style and it inspired me a lot too. So my style is a bit a mix of both, I guess!

How has working in the animation and video game industries helped develop your style?
Working in the animation and game industry helped me to be more efficient at drawing simple shape and to show the most important detail. Even if my style is very different then the one I use when I work on game art, I always learn new techniques that can be had in my personal work.

What are the challenges to balancing your professional work with your personal artistic pursuits?
I always been better at working on my personal projects, I like to be my own boss. So usually during the day I just think about my personal projects, so when I get home I’m excited to do them! I never really got problem to find time for my personal projects because I really love what I do!

GenevieveFT_02What are your favorite mediums to work in?
I love working digital, mostly with photoshop. But I love sketching with colerase or HB and I love colour pencils too!

Describe the difference for you between working with digital or traditional methods?
Digital is much more fast, for me, because I worked a lot with. And why I still love digital, is that I find new ways of creating everyday, new tools, new technics, digital is infinite! While, personally, I find traditional harder and much more demanding. Though, I love working with traditional, because it feels so good when you achieve something good.

Does the working method change how you approach the art?
My style was a lot influenced by digital with a more vector kind of look, though recently, I started using brush pen to draw and it even influence my digital drawings!

Are there any artistic disciplines (sculpture, painting, photography, fashion, etc, anything….) that you haven’t practiced but would still like to learn? 
I would love to learn fashion design, younger I hesitated a lot between animation and fashion. Even if I don’t regret my choice at all, fashion is something I still hope I can learn at some point!

GenevieveFT_03Where do you find inspiration outside of art? 

I find inspiration everywhere, I’m like a big sponge. I can walk in the street an see a girl with a nice outfit and it will inspire me a drawing. Music inspires me a lot too. It can be books I’m reading, people I talked too, etc! I love learn new thing and explore new things.

Do you have any professional advice for young women artists? 
My first advice is to be passionate about what you do, like a lot! If you’re really passionate, it will be just more fun to work on your personal projects, and it will be easier! My other advice would be to always create, even if the last few drawing you did were not so good, keep on drawing and keep on trying to do better, never give up!



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