About the Team

Girls Drawin Girls (GDG) was founded in 2006 by Simpsons veteran Melody Severns, who started Girls Drawin’ Girls as a way to showcase female artists working in the male-heavy animation industry.  She felt it was time for these talented women to demonstrate their creative abilities and their own personal vision of sex appeal by re-interpreting the male domineered field of pin-up art.

Since it’s conception, the group has published two volumes of pin-up art and has grown to over 200 active members, whose work has been showcased in various entertainment industries, from production design, film and television animation, to graphic design.


Melody Severns

President & Founder

Leader of Girls Drawin' Girls!

Kelli Dawn Hancock

Social Media Maven

You can usually find her on her phone busy connecting GDG to the world via social media one hashtag at a time.

Jhenne Tyler

Vector Graphics Designer

Provides images for our event flyers and sliders. Occasionally acts as Gigi's amazingly talented personal stylist.

Ashley Brooke Cooper

Art Prompt Coordinator

The very FIRST Girl to Draw Girls. She is also responsible for giving our artists creative inspiration monthly by thinking up relevant, fun art prompts.

Kelsey Cretcher

Product Director

Coordinator of the products and projects of Girls Drawin' Girls.

Zhorra Brujerra

Site Witch

Uses witchcraft to make Art and to power the website!