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Jhenne Tyler is a San Francisco based illustrator, character designer, and digital artist. She has worked in children’s books, YA lit., and magazines, and is a recent UC Berkeley Media Studies Grad. When it comes to art, she considers visual diversity a chief priority, and is devoted to advocating positive and varied representation within the media; both within her own work and the industry at large. She loves to marry her passion, drive, and creativity with the fun of freelance, and brings her own brand of versatility and vivaciousness to any project she works on. Otherwise, she can be found watching cartoons, teaching local Children’s Art Classes, and pretending today is the day she’ll organize her room.

What do you think is sexy?
Clowns– people with the confidence, charisma, and sense of humor to be unabashedly goofy. Not the red-foam-nose clown car kind. (Email for a full list of celebs I would readily call my spouse!)

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